Cutting Edge Technology in Pursuit of Sustainability

16 October 2020

At Zamira, constant innovation allows us to, not just stay ahead, but lead the curve when it comes to sustainability. In this article, we are proud to present some of the cutting-edge technology we use in our developments.


Zamira’s partner mills employ the ozone treatment using G2 Dynamic by Jeanologia: a highly efficient, environmentally-friendly fabric finish that reduces water use, chemical pollutant discharge and costs while maintaining quality production.

The G2 Dynamic achieves these results and more by manipulating the speed and ozone concentration in the fabric finish process, and also eliminates back staining and reduces reddish cast.


Jeanologia Laser

At our Southern China Smart Development Centre and our manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh, Zamira utilizes Jeanologia’s powerful and efficient laser machines to ensure high-quality production of goods while reducing wastage and pollution.

Jeanologia G2 Lab

The G2 Lab is the pinnacle of innovation when it comes to environmentally-friendly garment finishing. Boasting a zero discharge process, the incorporation of ozone, extracted from our atmosphere, allows us to reproduce the real look and feel previously only possible with outdoor exposure.

Jeanologia e-Flow Lab

e-Flow Lab technology replaces what is traditionally done with a wasteful amount of water, with nano-bubbles! This allows minimal water usage in the chemical transfer process, and reduces waste discharge and pollutants.


Tonello ECOfree 2

Three systems in one: nano-bubble treatment system, ozone treatment system and the NoStone© system: a stainless steel abrasive drum fastened to the washing machine’s cylinder; the ECOfree 2 by Tonello is able to treat garments in both wet and dry conditions and also boasts advanced nebulising capabilities.


Jeanologia EIM Software

Without quantification, improvements prove to be difficult. Our pursuit of improvement is why we, at Zamira, chose to incorporate Jeanologia’s iEnvironmental Impact Measuring (EIM) software in our processes.

The EIM system allows us to ascertain the environmental impact we our processes have in quantifiable metrics, and ensure optimum productivity and efficiency in our constant drive for sustainability improvements.

Our Commitment

At Zamira, our commitment in acquiring, researching and developing new technology to apply to our processes is what allows us to continually produce high quality, environmentally-friendly and authentic denimwears.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed the spotlight on the technologies we employ in our pursuit for productive sustainability!


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