Digitalisation @ Zamira

07 August 2020

Over the next few months, we here at Zamira will give you a behind-the-scenes, bird’s eye view at what goes into our products, and the entire process our garments undergo, from start to end.

In the first of this 4-part series; we will discuss how Zamira is implementing digitalisation into our design processes, with CLO!

The Norm: Design Samples

Before production takes place, up to 3 development samples are created solely for our client’s referral; this is important to ensure the highest level of realism and quality we put into every product.

After a design is green-lit, we then proceed to produce fit samples according to our client mannequin models.

The Norm: Fit Samples

It’s current industry practice for different retailers to have their own sets of sizes; Alvanon (popular mannequin manufacturer) produces models with both standard sizes as well as custom sizes for different retailers.

What this means for us: after a design sample is confirmed, we produce fit samples to ensure a realistic and beautiful fit on either a designated model or an Alvanon mannequin model.

The Problem Statement

As several rounds of revisions are required with each and every sample - whether it be design or fit - our team found that we may have been using an excess amount of resources in our current processes.

Introducing CLO

As part of our digitalisation journey, and to reduce the excess amount of resources used currently, we utilise CLO (3D software) to create realistic and aesthetic designs.


The software can be used to create 3D sample mockups of our designs, as well as 3D avatars with customizable sizes! What this means is that we can simply model for fit on CLO and allows us to massively compress the time needed for revisions (up to two weeks per revision) while saving resources, thus killing two birds with one stone!


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