Director’s Message

03 June 2020

At Zamira, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword. Sustainability is our core purpose: the heart of what we do, and want to achieve.

In this unprecedented time of uncertainty and change, that will forever change the fashion retail and supply industry, we have been strategically navigating the many challenges presented to us.

This pandemic has only further exacerbated our faith that sustainability is truly the way forward and will play an even larger role in the new normal when our business fully resumes.


Our vision is to drive change in the denim industry, to pave the way forward for ethical, sustainable and eco-efficient supply chains.


Our mission is to provide clients with outstanding service, innovative designs and ensure ethical, sustainable and transparent sourcing solutions for our denim products.


Established in 2007 as a design label and product supplier, Zamira Fashion Limited has seen our fair share of adversity throughout our 13 years of business. From the 2008 financial crisis, the retail crisis, the cotton crisis, and now the Covid-19 pandemic, it is our corporate agility and adaptability that has allowed us to weather and thrive in these stormy waters.

Since 2016, Zamira has placed our core emphasis on sustainability and our strong belief that the denim world needs to change has given us the courage to invest in new technology and people to manifest our vision.

Going Forward

Our commitment to the path of sustainability has truly enabled us to be at the forefront of sustainability innovations.


Under Zamira Cares, we constantly introduce sustainability initiatives in all facets of fashion retail; fabrics and materials, chemical management, safe-to-wear products, traceability and cutting edge technology.

Today, and going forward, we are proud to be recognised as a world leader in sustainability. For us, sustainability is not simply a goal to achieve but a constant process to push for new, greener and better solutions.

Thomas Mueller,
Managing Director of Zamira Fashion Limited


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