Pivoting within a Pandemic: Fabric Development

11 September 2020

Denim was developed as work attire; at present day, the material is immensely popular for many different fashion uses. Manufacturers face the challenge of constant innovation in order to keep up with consumer demands in the areas of comfort, performance and sustainability. Today, we’ll show you just how we, at Zamira, do what we do!

Fabric Development & Sustainability @ Zamira

What exactly is denim? Technically speaking, the fabric is 100% cotton, with indigo warp, white weft and a coarse texture.

Choice Cuts

We use the highest grade comfort materials for our jeans. To ensure that our jeans stretch comfortably, we incorporate premium stretch fibers such as Lycra©, Sorona© and Repreve©.

To give our jeans a unique flair, we use yarn of varying thickness, length and twist!


Methods of Colour

Indigo dye is used to give jeans their traditional colour, and sulphur black or blue dyes are incorporated for varying shades.

In order to reduce our processes’ impact on the environment, we constantly innovate with using patented processes. One of our ongoing trials incorporates DyStar's Indigo Vat 40% Solution, the cleanest and the most ECO Awarded indigo on the market.

DyStar's state-of-the-art reduction process technology guarantees a high concentration of pre-reduced indigo, which results in a significant reduction in the amount of hydrosulphite/caustic soda in the wastewater.

Weaving the Web

Our partner mills use only the highest grade technology in their looms.


Functional Finishes

To cap off our final products, Zamira’s partner mills employ only the highest grade of technology in their mills - ozone treatment!


In light of the pandemic, Zamira has put special effort into staying ahead of the curve: our dedicated team of denim specialists have been hard at work in our laboratories constantly innovating new denim solutions!

We have successfully developed fabrics with antimicrobial finishes, which prevents bacteria and odour buildup.


In a constantly evolving and changing industry, made evermore so due to current global issues, such as COVID-19, looming over us all, denim innovation allows us to continually produce high-quality products that leave our wearers feeling smart and fresh.

We hope that our new antimicrobial specialty finishes will enhance your experience with us!

Stay tuned for future spotlights on these innovative fabric collections!

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