Zamira believes that world-class manufacturing begins with the endeavor to protect the environment, the community and the lives of the employees in the supply and distribution chain.
We work with these stakeholders who share our commitment to making products responsibilily and sustainably.

Compliance Excellence

We will always conduct our business in a socially responsible manner working to protect the environment, improve working conditions, and support community involvement.
We will strive to PE/FORM the traditional manufacturing of denim and to create the sustainable and eco-efficient supply of tomorrow.

Code of Conduct + Zero Tolerence Policy

We will stand by our rigorous Code of Conduct and ensure all our partners are compliant with local social, labour, environmental and human rights standards.
We maintain a strict Zero Tolerance Policy as regards child labour, forced labour, discrimination of any form, factory building approved for residential purposes, or any other unethical practices

Transparency + Traceability

Our key partners - fabric mills, dyeing houses, washing plants - are all audited and authenticated, to have the highest level of technical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable conditions, by reputable third parties.